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In today's society, where violence and a decline in moral values seem to be on the increase, SAN DO JUTSU KARATE SCHOOL is a way to prepare both mentally and physically for everyday stress and the ultimate challenge we hope will never confront us.

More than ever we need self-esteem and discipline to achieve personal balance and realize our full potential. At SAN DO JUTSU KARATE SCHOOL, teaching begins with respect -- respect for the instructor, respect for the other students, and respect for the inner self.

At SAN DO JUTSU KARATE SCHOOL, we train in every aspect of the art, starting with learning how to fall safely. This is important not only in the DOJO (training area), but will be invaluable in outside situations. While we learn to fall correctly, we also learn how to be in specific stances. As we practice our stances, we learn various strikes and how to properly combine them. We also learn how to block and move from one stance into another. Basic accomplishments come quite rapidly as training continues. Some of the techniques can be challenging, but can be fun and easy to learn. As the student trains and practices, their ability to concentrate increases as well. Self-defense techniques are taught from the beginning.

The style of SAN DO JUTSU KARATE SCHOOL is rather unique and practical. It incorporates three styles of the JUTSU (gentle) arts. They are: Tai-Jutsu, Aiki-Jutsu, and Jiu-Jutsu, and as an extra Kempo karate has been added to the program.

  1. Tai-Jutsu is an all around method that uses the body's natural movements to avoid getting hit and at the same time preparing for a counter attack. Tai-Jutsu has many varieties of attack, such as grappling, throwing, and joint locking.
  2. Aiki-Jutsu is the art from which Aikido was developed. Aikido means "way of harmony". It bases its concept on avoiding a conflict by neutralizing an attacker. The art is known for its circular motions and its use of ki (internal energy).
  3. Jiu-Jutsu is known as the art of flexibility. It was because of the Jiu-Jutsu vast array of holds, locks and strangulation techniques that many countries' armed forces used this as their base for unarmed combat.
  4. Kempo Karate is one of the Japanese martial arts which uses five animal styles. These animals are the Tiger,the Cobra,the Leopard, the Crane, and the Dragon. Kempo combines hand, foot, elbow, knee, and head strikes.

The combination of these styles allows students to defend themselves in not only one or two ways, but in a variety of situations should the need arise. This is what truly makes SAN DO JUTSU KARATE a very useful, positive, and practical martial art. Our students are seldom bullied or pushed around by others. This doesn't come from their defending ability, but their inner strength and the confidence they project. Our first rule is, "walk away, avoid a conflict" -- our students are taught not to bully or provoke fighting, it must be controlled and used ONLY as a last resort!

OUR COMMUNITY: We are proud supporters of Big Brothers/Big Sister of South Simcoe, C.R.I.C., My Sisters Place, Canadian Police Association, Tottenham Food Bank, Canadian Fallen Firefighters Foundation, St. Thomas Aquinas Kenya Leadership Team.


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