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Made of red oak, also provided with a hand guard.
$ 24.99

Made of Red Oak, with smooth finish.
$ 11.99

Sai made with hard plastic. $ 29.99
Sai made with rubber. $ 29.99

Chrome Sai
Round Chrome Sai, Excellent grip handles with a durable finish that prevents chipping and cracking.
$ 74.99

Fight Bo Ash
Ash hardwood, tapered and rounded ends to prevent splitting.
$ 39.99

Competition Bo Ash

Competition Bo made of Ash hard wood, Walnut finish tapered.
$ 29.99 

Pointed at the end. Available in different colors.
$ 9.99

Chain Foam Chaku
Nunchaku with a foam handle and a ball bearing chain attached in the middle. (Red/Black or Yellow/Black)
$ 24.99

Rubber Gun
One piece curved rubber Gun
$ 12.99

Bo Case
Holds 3 to 4 - 6' Bo's
$ 31.99

Mouth Guards
Easy to prepare and custom fit in a few seconds. One size fits all. Adult & Junior, comes with case.
$ 9.99

Leather Grappling Glove
Black leather gloves with open fingers. Dense foam padding at the knuckles.
$ 44.99 and up.

Sport Jiu-Jitsu Gloves
These gloves are made of durable vinyl and it features an open finger design for better flexibility. Back of hand and knuckles are padded for additional shock absorption. Hook and loop closures. Available in Red or Black.
$ 39.99

Sport Jiu-Jitsu Boots
Soft vinyl sparring kick with quality covered foam. For better balance the bottom of the kick has been left open. An elastic strap with a hook and loop closure wraps around the kick to provide a secure fit. Available in Red or Black
$ 39.99

Protective Head Gear
Single Dipped Foam Head gear provides excellent protection for your head during sparring. Available in Red, Black or White.
$ 44.99

Boxing Head Gear
Genuine black leather with extreme high density foam. Full face protection. Rear hook and loop adjustment for better fit. Contrasting fabric to absorb moisture
$ 59.99 and up.

Hand Wraps
Cloth hand wraps with hook / loop closure easily wearable under training gloves.
$ 6.99

Heavy Bag Gloves
Genuine leather gloves. Wide wrist support.
$ 12.99 and up

'The Whip' Bag Gloves

Gi Heavy Weight-15oz
Heavy weight canvas 15oz, 100% cotton with drawstring waist, Black or White.
Prices vary due to size.

Gi Poly/Cotton-8.5oz
8.5 oz Elastic Waist Middle weight Black or White poly cotton with 65% Polyester and 35% Cotton.
Prices vary due to size.

Gi - Judo
Deluxe heavy single weave uniform. Jacket features stiffer lapel. Drawstring waist pants feature sewn down padded knee to the ankle. 100% cotton.
Prices vary due to size.

Black Pants with trim

Middle weight elastic waist with drawstring made of 65% cotton 35% polyester, double stripe down pant leg.
Prices vary due to size. Approx. 25.00

Grappling Shorts
This Vale Tudo short is made from heavy duty polyester/cotton. For snug comfortable fit that will move with you. Great for no GI training/competition.
$ 39.99 and up.

CanFight Grappling Shorts
$ 25.00 - Limited Stock.

Track Jackets
Warm up track jackets, high polyester outer shell with "super soft" hand feel - Interior ventilation / decoration opening. Body lining 65% polyester / 35% cotton. Sleeve lining 100% nylon taffeta. Shirred self-fabric cuffs.
$ 34.99

Rash Guard
$ 34.99 and up - Limited Stock

Kickboxercise Tanks & T-Shirts
Gilidan 100% Cotton Tank Tops and T-Shirts. T-Shirts are: Black. Tanks are Pink or Black.
$ 7.99 - Limited Stock

Embroidered San Do Jutsu Karate T-Shirts
Gilidan 100% Cotton T-Shirts.
Black, Grey or White
$ 7.99 - Limited Stock

San Do Jutsu Karate Sweatshirts
Gilidan 100% Cotton Black Sweatshirts.
Hooded, Zip or Regular.
$ 29.99 - Limited Stock

San Do Jutsu Karate Tank Tops
Gilidan 100% Cotton Tank Tops. Grey or Black
$ 5.99 - Limited Stock

Replacement Belts
Various colours. Proof of rank required.
$ 19.99

Tap Snap or Nap T-Shirts
Gilidan 100% Cotton T-Shirts.
Black only
$ 9.99 - Limited Stock

Gym Bags
Various colours. Bags come with extra pouch. Small and Large sizes.
$ 11.99 - Limited Stock

Embroidered Hand Towels
$ 6.99

Boxing Gloves
$ 49.99 and up.

Embroidered School Crest
Custom crests sewn onto your garment choice e.g. Hats, Gym Bags, Jackets etc. 3 Weeks required
$ 7.49

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