Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have children's classes?
Absolutely! We have our Junior (5, 6 & 7 year old) program. We have our Youth (8 to 12 year old) program. Our Adult and Teen classes are 13 years old and older.

Do you offer a "Free Trial" classes?
Of course, you can have one free trial class to make sure we're what you want.

Do I have to be in shape before I join?
No, that's why we are here. Talk to the instructors, we'll take it slow so you don't injure yourself.

What if I have a previous injury or dealing with a current injury?
Talk to the instructors and let us know what we're dealing with. Then we'll take it slow and work around the injury.

When do I buy a Gi (uniform)?
We usually recommend that you purchase your uniform no later than a month after you start our program.

How long will it take me to become reasonably proficient?
The time it takes to become proficient varies upon your own abilities. In most self defense systems, you should feel that you could defend yourself fairly well after 3 months.

How long will it take to attain black belt level?
On average, somewhere between six and seven years to reach a black belt level.

How many classes per week should I attend?
Most instructors recommend a minimum of two classes per week.

Will there be other beginners in my class?
Yes, students are grouped by age and rank. This means that you should be in a class with other beginners and lower ranks. We are open all year and have new people starting up at different times. Don't be surprised to see higher rank belts there, they come out to help and hone their skills.

Will martial arts training make my child too aggressive?
Children learn that the martial arts are not used as an act of violence. We teach the children how to handle themselves in a possible volatile situation. Our first rule is to Walk Away! Our program channels aggression into confidence, self esteem and a positive attitude.

Why do people bow when they go into a studio?
The bow is a symbol of respect in the Asian cultures and is just like a western handshake.

Is meditation part of some religion?
The meditation is used in this Martial Arts school is to clear the mind of distractions and relax the body. It has no religious significance.

Is sparring necessary to learn a martial art?
Since martial arts involves dealing with an opponent, it is necessary to practice in conditions similar to an actual confrontation. In this way you learn about reactions, timing and speed.

What are the chances of getting injured?
The chances of getting injured are very small since the training is constantly supervised with safety in mind. Our Dojo is equipped with mats on the floors & there is protection on the walls. Protective gear is mandatory and is to be worn by all students to reduce the chance of injury even more.

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