We love this school. My 6 year old daughter goes to San Do Jutsu Karate School and I truly believe the only reason she hasn't lost interest is because of the staff. Joe and his helper students are amazing with the kids.


Thank you for all that you guys have done for my family and I. Most importantly thank you for teaching me all these years and more to come!

E. M.

Sensei Joe:

Thank you for being such a wonderful teacher. I really enjoyed coming here and I have learned a lot.

Ben O.

Sensei Joe:

I told our daughter that I was signing her up for another 6 months of Karate whereby she replied: "No Mommy!" I was worried because she tells me she loves karate all the time! But she continued: " you need to sign me up for as long as it takes to get my Blackbelt!!!!"

Jennifer B.

Dear Joe:

We sincerely thank you for sharing your time and talents with our group. Your expertise, dedication and commitment to your sport speaks volumes to the youth in our community. Thank you again for sharing.

Tottenham/Rich Hill United Church Youth Group


Thank you and the other Sensei's for the fantastic job you are all doing with the students especially all the commitment, time and energy you all give and show the kids. Above all, the kids really have fun and you make all of them laugh (including the parents that stay and watch) and I love seeing both our girls smile!


Jenn R


Thank you Sensei Joe!

I'm very pleased with how our daughter has progressed, believe it or not, she has gained confidence from the karate lessons.
Thank you once again for your great work with the kids!

Marian. H.

I really loved having my kids attend. I thought it was perfect having one of the best jujitsu training facilities near us.

Laura D.

We really appreciate everything you guys do. You are really wonderful people! Our daughter really enjoys going to class each and every time.

Michelle M.

We just wanted to say "thank you" for your hard work, dedication and patience. Nicholas' upper body strength has increased 100% since joining and his confidence has grown significantly. Back in January, Nicholas was selected at school to say his speech in front of the school (which is not common for Grade 1's) We believe his confidence is a direct reflection of what he has gained so far from your program.

The Chirrey Family

I just attended the Wednesday night session of "Kickboxercise." Which was my first rigorous exercise session in a long time. I've never been to a class where I have been instructed. When I do excercise-which is rare I might add-I focus utterly on Cardio. I thought that I would be developing strength through jogging, and using an eliptical, but after today's class I realized that I am quite weak. I feel really sore right now, but also excellent. I will be coming back again. Everyone was so helpful.

Christine. R.

Dear Sensei Joe & Sensei Brenda,

Thank you for teaching us Karate. We had a lot fun!

The Grade One Class, Tottenham Public School


Dear Mr. Hamilton,

We wish to say thank you for sharing with us. It was fun to learn about Karate. We are very glad that you are a part of our community. Thank you!

The Grade One Class, F. X. O'Reilly


Sensei Joe & Sensei Brenda,

We have truly enjoyed being a part of your Karate family. We have all grown in our knowledge and respect of the art. Thank you for welcoming us in and helping this be such a wonderful experience for all of us.

The Shipston Family

Sensei Joe,

We wanted to thank you for what you have done for our children, they have had fun and learnt a lot.

The Davidson Family
Sensei Joe,

Thank you for our son's instruction in the martial arts. He always enjoys the sport and says he will really miss you as an instructor. All the best in the future.

The Stanley Family
Sensei Joe,

Never got to say it, but thanks for being a great sensei. As I head out to the various dojo's out in Waterloo, whether its BJJ or Judo, the teaching style just isn't the same as yours, and I now realize how much I actually took it for granted in class sometimes.

Mike. C.
Hello Sensei Joe,

October 1999, I joined San Do Jutsu Karate School. After the initial muscular pains that you created in my body, I have never felt so good and positive about myself. I guess what I am trying to say is a heart felt THANK YOU. I may not have the time in my life to practice all that I would like to move ahead in belt rankings quickly, but all I really care about at this time is the self satisfaction that I feel within myself in how my mental / physical life has turned around.

Alan. D.

Sensei Joe,
I believe in your teaching style and I think the jutsu part of the art is improving every year due to your diligence and hard work. It is important to me personally and as a member of the club to help support you in whatever manner I can, that is what makes a strong club and why it will succeed!

Dan B.

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